Super Simple Hot Sauce

coconut-hanging-planters-web-10-of-36I’m a busy mum and I don’t really have time for convoluted recipes, but I also have a happy garden with produce spilling through my fingers. Currently the chilli is ripening at a rate of several every few days so I need something easy that I can do in small batches.

The thing about chilli is that it’s hard to find something useable to do with it. Sweet Chilli Sauce is lovely, but I don’t like the idea of shrouding all my fresh and healthy produce in loads of sugar. Dried chilli is super simple but I’ve had a string of dried chilli literally hanging about for about two years now. But hot sauce, we go through that stuff like mad!

This is a fermented food. The fresh chilli attracts bacteria in the air which makes it more palatable and more digestible to our bodies. The vinegar and salt deter any bad bacteria from growing. Our guts need “good” bacteria for optimum health, so fermented foods are so important for us! In my opinion chilli is one of those common super foods, a digestion aid and a metabolism revver. I probably eat too much of it, so a fermented version with good bacteria in it is just what I need!

*Please be aware, chilli oil is hot and it can easily be transferred from fingers to eyes, nose and mouth! Try to use as little contact as possible with the cut chilli, wash your utensils, cutting board and cloth out thoroughly and don’t go cuddling babies with your chilli infused hands shortly after making this!*

This is a three ingredient recipe! Here’s what you need:

100 grams of chillis (I used a Thai chilli, Jalapenos and Cayenne)

1/2 cup Vinegar (I used Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s gentler and I like the subtle sweet flavour)

1 teaspoon of salt (I used sea salt for extra minerals!)


Aren’t these pottery containers cute. My eldest two kids and I did a pottery course recently. It was a lot of fun and I love having these quirky (tiny) bowls around!

Chop the stems off the chillis.make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-3-of-18make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-4-of-18

Tip everything into the blender. This Nutri Ninja is my workhorse. I have no other blender and I love it, very easy to clean and does everything!make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-5-of-18

Whoah, look what’s going on out my window! Hubby installed a rope swing on the tree out the front last night. It goes high (but actually not too high to make my pulse race) and it’s the new fun thing to do around here. 🙂make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-6-of-18make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-7-of-18

Okay. Blend!make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-8-of-18make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-9-of-18

Blend until smooth.

Then put it into a jar and sit the lid on top. Leave it for about a week. This is fermenting – isn’t it simple! The flavour changes over the days so you’re welcome to taste it as the days go by!make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-10-of-18

When it’s ready sit a muslin or cheese cloth (or even a fresh, brand new chux cloth) into a sieve set over a jug to strain out your chilli bits and pour the contents of the jar into the cloth.make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-13-of-18

Stir with a spoon until as much liquid as possible is in the jug.make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-14-of-18

With any other vegetable I would give this a squeeze with my hands, but it’s chilli, so I won’t. This is about right I think.make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-15-of-18

There’s the hot sauce and a little bottle for it, you could use a small jar, but I would go about saving my vanilla bottles now that I know I have a use for them!make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-16-of-18

And you’re done. It makes a perfect gift, I think…make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-17-of-18

Or it can live quite happily in my spice cupboard until I have a need for it.make-your-own-hot-sauce-web-18-of-18

I’d like to try this recipe with added pepper, garlic or oregano. I’ll let you know how they go down the track!


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