Quill Pens

When we were at the Botanic Gardens doing our annual photoshoot the other day we walked their new children’s loop and picked up a little booklet of activities and facts to do with the flora and fauna of that little area of bushland.

There was an instructable of how to make a quill pen.


Such a great and very simple craft. Here’s how we did it in pictures.

First we cleaned up the feathers, taking off the first inch and a half of feathers. You just pinch them between your fingers and give it a good strong pull toward the tip.


Next we cut the tip of the feather to make a blunt end (this step is kind of missing in the above diagram!)


Then we followed the diagram to make two diagonal cuts, one large one (we found the steeper the angle, the better) and a smaller one to create a sharp tip for writing with (the pointier the tip, the better).

After making these two cuts we cut the slit which runs vertically up the quill and allows the nib to store ink so that you’re not dipping into ink every millimeter of writing or so!


Done! Oh gosh. How easy is that!

My daughter spent the entire morning writing with this quill pen. For some reason changing up the tool (it’s a whole lot more interesting than a plain old pen) makes the same task immeasurably more interesting!


It’s spattery and scratchy and downright joyful to use!


If I graded crafts based on how easy they were times the amount of engagement gotten out of them this would be a 10 out of 10.


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